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Feature Reports

Feature: New Morehead City Clerk

Oct 29, 2015

The city of Morehead has a new City Clerk on duty. MSPR's Jordan Simonson reports...

Feature: MSU Fall Baseball

Oct 21, 2015
Larry Gooding

MSU Baseball is out to prove a point this season...MSPR's Jarrod Wesley reports...

Feature: Westboro Rally

Oct 20, 2015
John Flavell

Members of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church picketed against gay marriage and adultery Monday on the Morehead State University campus. MSPR’s Dan Conti reports…

Feature: Drone Crash

Oct 5, 2015
University of Kentucky

The crash of a drone outside UK's Commonwealth Stadium last month has some Kentucky Transportation officials concerned about the possible dangers the small, unmanned crafts may have on air travel in the Commonwealth. MSPR's Arlo Barnette takes a closer look...

Feature: Geothermal Energy

Sep 29, 2015

One park in Kentucky is doing its part to make the Earth a cleaner place to live. MSPR's Jarrod Wesley has more...

The city of Morehead may see some changes to its downtown, if comments discussed at a public visioning meeting succeed in shaping the Main Street area. MSPR's Arlo Barnette has details...

Feature: Project Graduate Week

Sep 29, 2015

Project Graduate is going on this week in Kentucky. MSPR's Michael Gustin has the details...

Feature: Go Noodle

Sep 25, 2015

There's a new program designed to get students active in their classrooms and McBrayer Elementary in Morehead is the newest school to join in. MSPR's Jordan Simonson has the story...

Feature: Growing Number Of Joint Replacements

Sep 22, 2015

The number of people needing joint replacements is growing substantially and a Kentucky orthopedic surgeon has some advice for how to keep from joining that group…. MSPR’s Michael Gustin has the story…

Feature: Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge

Sep 22, 2015

Morehead State University is half way into a six week competition that encourages people to get outside. MSPR’s Jordan Simonson has more…

Feature: Drawn From The Gospel

Sep 16, 2015
John Flavell

A Morehead man is combining his passion for art with his religion. MSPR's Jordan Simonson has the story...


Feature: Juvenile Justice System

Aug 20, 2015

A new state law is changing the way Kentucky schools will handle minor students who commit status offenses, such as truancy and underage drinking. MSPR’s Joshua Grandison has more…

Morehead State University welcomed more than 1,200 new students to campus during its Move-In Day activities.

Morehead State University rolled out the red carpet for 60 high school students enrolling at the brand new Craft Academy.

The Kentucky Folk Art Center at Morehead State University preserves the cultural heritage the region's self-taught artists.

Feature: River Blast

Jul 31, 2015

An event at Fort Boonesboro State Park this weekend aims to raise awareness of the Kentucky River, and revitalization efforts taking place on the waterway. MSPR’s Arlo Barnette has the story…

Feature: Annual "Speak My Name" List

Jul 31, 2015

In June, the Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence released its annual “Speak My Name” list, a catalog of women who were killed in 2014 by their partners. MSPR’s Joshua Grandison spoke with the Coalition’s training coordinator about the scourge of domestic violence in the commonwealth…

The man appointed by the Kentucky Board of Education to run the Menifee County school system started work last Tuesday. MSPR's Arlo Barnette has the story...

Feature: Animal Shelter Help

Jul 28, 2015

This summer it’s been raining cats and dogs in the common wealth, and after July storms an organization is in need of helping their own cats and dogs. MSPR’s Jordan Simonson has the story…

Joshua Grandison

Last Friday’s decision by the Supreme Court struck down state bans on Same-Sex marriage across the nation. While many local governments are complying with the ruling, several are refusing, including our local County Clerk. MSPR’s Joshua Grandison reports on Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, who has stopped issuing marriage licenses altogether…


The convenience of an online education has become a huge selling point for many universities, including Morehead State. Carly Sanders from the office of Communication and Marketing, tells us how the MSU English Department is helping to set the national standard in virtual learning.

Feature: History on Wheels

Jun 25, 2015

There’s a new way to get your history lessons from the Kentucky Historical Society, and it’s pulling into a parking lot near you. MSPR’s Jordan Simonson has more. 

Feature: Summer Eye Protection

Jun 10, 2015

This summer is sure to bring the heat and sunshine, and while you’re protecting your skin from the harmful rays be sure to protect your eyes too. MSPR’s Jordan Simonson as more…

Feature: Fleming Fire Station Dedication

Jun 3, 2015
City of Flemingsburg

Flemingsburg's new Byron-Henderson Memorial Fire Station hosted an open house over the weekend. MSPR's Joshua Grandison was there to tour the facility...

Feature: MSU Awards Phil Simms Honorary Degree

May 15, 2015

Often times the best things in life are worth the wait. Such is the case for legendary NFL quarterback and Morehead State University alum Phil Simms. David Patrick has the story...

Feature: 4K For Cancer

May 15, 2015

A Lexington man is taking part in a cross-county bike ride for charity in honor of a classmate who couldn’t finish hers.   MSPR’s Jordan Simonson has more…


An official with the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development is urging the state’s small businesses to take advantage of a powerful tool to help them grow. MSPR’s Arlo Barnette has more…

Feature: Women’s Leadership

May 13, 2015

Community leadership rolls aren’t just for the men anymore. A women’s leadership conference took place in Frankfort and offered advice for stepping up and taking charge in the community. MSPR’s Jordan Simonson has the story…

Feature: Kentucky Craft Beer

May 6, 2015

Craft beers are gaining popularity across the country, and Kentucky is no exception. But in the land of bourbon how are these breweries making themselves known? MSPR’s Patrick Davis has the story…

Next week is finals week at Morehead State University, and this year the school is looking at ways to cut down waste as students head home. MSPR's Arlo Barnette has more...