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Jeffrey Liles, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Services, meets and greets students during the first day of 2013 fall semester classes at Morehead State University.


Morehead State University welcomed new students to campus during Move-In Day, Thursday, August 15, 2013.


Television, radio and newspaper outlets converged on Jayne Stadium for Morehead State Football Media Day as the Rob Tenyer era began.

Each year, the Kentucky Arts Council recognizes artists who are engaged in creating work of high quality. MSPR’s Paul Hitchcock has the story of a Morehead artist who uses his skill to teach and inspire others. 

Kentucky’s 'Holy Land' Against Bluegrass Pipeline

Aug 12, 2013
Loretto Community

Over the past month, opposition to a proposed natural gas liquids pipeline that would run through Central Kentucky has been growing. Four counties have passed resolutions against the Bluegrass Pipeline, and more than 5,000 people signed a petition asking Governor Steve Beshear to put pipeline legislation on the agenda for this month’s special session.

And as KPR’s Erica Peterson reports, the religious communities of Kentucky’s Holy Land have joined the fight...


It's one of the most important days on the calendar for Morehead State University...and it's now just over a week way. Move-in day will bring hundreds of excited students and the families to campus. David Patrick, from MSU's Office of Communications and Marketing, has a video preview:

Feature: Kentucky's Energy Future

Aug 1, 2013

It's no secret that Kentucky's coal industry has been hurting in recent years, and renewed pledges from the federal government to curb carbon emissions pose even more challenges...but as MSPR's Joshua Grandison reports, Kentucky may still have a fighting chance in energy...

Diane Siebels, Charlottesville, Va.

Fiber Arts Magazine describes the foundation of art to be…“a knowledge of material and technique, and a wish to communicate something visually.” That’s the intent of a current exhibition of art at Morehead State University.

MSPR’s Paul Hitchcock has the story...

Feature: Electric Shock Drowning

Jul 24, 2013

Four years ago, a woman swimming in Cave Run Lake fell victim to a silent killer. Earlier this summer, that killer struck again at Lake Cumberland.

MSPR’s Joshua Grandison has the story…

Feature: Sport Management

Jul 23, 2013

It's a fascinating field of study for both undergraduate and graduate students...and it's offered by only two institutions in Kentucky, including here at Morehead State University. David Patrick, of MSU's Office of Communications and Marketing, introduces us to career catching the attention of those who simply can't get enough of sports.

One area news station can now add an Emmy to its list of credentials. MSPR's Tanner Boyd has the story... 

WYMT was recognized at the 49th Annual Ohio Valley Regional Emmy Awards in Cincinnati for its broadcast during the tornado outbreak on March 2, 2012.

More information: http://www.wkyt.com/wymt/home/headlines/WYMT-wins-first-Emmy-in-station-history-216324861.html

Cave Run Lake in eastern Kentucky offers many outdoor activities such as boating, swimming, fishing and camping. One activity there has been in operation for more than twenty years, but is often overlooked by visitors.

MSPR’s Paul Hitchcock has the story:

Feature: Farm to Table

Jul 18, 2013

Morehead State University's Derrickson Agricultural Complex partners with Kentucky Proud and Aramark to supply campus dining facilities with high quality fruits, vegetables and beef. 

Thanks to the generosity of Dr. and Mrs. Ernst Valgenau, Morehead State University hosted the Program for the Enhancement of Aerospace Careers in Kentucky (PEACK) at the Space Science Center.

Paul Hitchcock

It's as American as hot dogs, apple pie and baseball, and a traditional part of our Fourth of July celebrations. MSPR's Paul Hitchcock has more.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 36 million American adults struggle with high blood pressure. Besides a healthy diet and exercise, sleep can also promote a healthier lifestyle. MSPR's Paul Hitchcock reports...