Community Advisory Board Meeting Minutes February 3, 2016

The meeting started at 5:58pm at the Morehead State Public Radio (MSPR) office.

Paul Hitchcock and Nona Camuel, MSPR Advisory Board (CAB) Chair called to order and welcomed the board. 

Paul introduced the new board members and welcomed them as well. Nona also welcome each board member.

Old Business
Minutes of the November 4, 2015 meeting were reviewed.  Jeff made the motion to approve the minutes and Sarah seconded the motion. The motion passed. 

The Quarterly Program Report for October- December 2015 were reviewed. No questions or comments were made.  Colby made the motion to pass the Quarterly Program Report. Janet seconded the motion. The motion passed. 

Paul discussed the Kentucky Folk Art Center (KFAC) and MSPR Outreach Appeal. 33 total people responded to the outreach. Paul estimated that $2,000.00 was raised thus far, with the total amount being split between KFAC and MSPR. Paul did state the mailing of the postcards was later than though, before Christmas, instead of Thanksgiving.

Guest Comments

Katelyn Clark was present as a community guest. She had no comments. Katelyn did introduced herself and stated that she had previously worked for a radio station in Rhode Island. The board welcomed Katelyn to the meeting.

New Business

a.)    2016 CAB Appointments-

1.       The board nominated Steve as Vice-Chair. Janet made the motion to approve, and Black Bear seconded the motion.

2.       The board nominated Colby as Secretary. Janet made the motion to approve, and Jeff seconded the motion.

b.)    Student Leadership Award

1.       Each board member received a copy of the requirements for the award and the applications sent in by students, from Paul. It was decided that each board member would share with the board their thoughts about the student they felt best met the requirements for the Student Leadership Award. A tally vote was completed for two finalist; Michael and Samantha. Michael had six votes to Samantha’s three. Nona asked for a motion to approve. Molly made the motion and Steve seconded the motion. The motion passed.

c.)     Activity Report

1.       Paul reported on the WMKY 2015 Station Activity Report and the Diversity Report. Nona made the comment that Coffee Tree Books did a random survey of students and professors about what their listening to on the radio. She reported that it depended on what they were listening for; weather, news, sports, etc. The board discussed how to reach listeners. A suggested was made the programming schedule be published in the paper.

2.       Paul reported on Radio Eye. Volunteers are still needed, but that no changes to the listening programs were being made until March.

d.)    Recently, the station through MSU, received an award for Outstanding Community Involvement, specifically for hiring employees with disabilities. Paul accepted this award at a small banquet.

e.)    Black History Month Specials are currently on the website and on the air.

f.)     National Press Club information was reviewed by the board.

g.)    MSPR Value and Impact Report was discussed. This is due to possible budget cuts to Morehead State University. MSPR currently has the least number of full time staff, four. MSPR is also a flagship station for emergency response, as Paul stated.  Paul also addressed the board that the community can comment on the value of MSPR and it will be included into the report.

Closing Comments

The next quarterly CAB meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 6:00pm.

Steve made the motion to adjourn. Colby seconded the motion and the motion passed. With no further business to discuss, the CAB was adjourned at 6:42pm.