78-76 Show

Apr 3, 2014

#534 Show Summary (78-76 Show):

We celebrate UK’s recent success by reposting the final score of the Wichita State game as our title.  This show includes info on casinos and child obesity (for every slot machine per capita increase, obesity rates went down 0.19%), the dramatic 30% drop in colon cancer death rates due to colonoscopy, and the failure of glucosamine to affect knee arthritis.  Thaw your brain just in time for spring.

Tip:  If you feel better while taking glucosamine for your arthritis, don’t stop now.  Don’t take it to prevent knee damage, because it doesn't appear to help with that.


Casino gambling and childhood obesity

Dramatic drop in colon cancer rates due to screening

Probiotics in daycare drops rates of diarrhea and respiratory infection