CO2 Emissions Bill Ready For Governor's Approval

Mar 20, 2014

Located on the Ohio River northeast of Carrollton (KY), the Ghent Generating Station is Kentucky Utilities Company's largest coal-fired power plant.
Credit Kentucky Utilities

A bill that would allow coal-fired electric power plants in Kentucky to regulate their own carbon dioxide emissions is headed to the governor’s desk.

Filed by Rep. Jim Gooch, who has investments in coal-related companies, House Bill 388 would allow power plants that burn coal to regulate CO2 emissions at lower rates than anticipated federal standards.

Sen. Jared Carpenter supported the bill.

“This keeps Kentucky viable to use our natural resources that we have available today, until the U.S. EPA forces a ruling to make us change those regulations,” said Carpenter.

The bill passed both the House and Senate with unanimous support, and without debate.