CPE awards $120 K to MSU

Nov 22, 2013

For the 12th consecutive year, Kentucky’s Council on Postsecondary Education awarded federal grant funds to improve P-12 educator quality through professional development programs. 

The Improving Educator Quality (IEQ) grants, totaling $839,000, were awarded to four lead institutions, including the Morehead State University, University of Kentucky, Northern Kentucky University and Murray State University. 

“The more we improve teaching, the more we can improve student learning,” said Bob King, CPE president. “Each of these grants will support our campuses’ efforts to help public school teachers continue to increase college and career readiness of Kentucky’s students.” 

The focus of the program this year is on fully integrating the Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards and related assessments in a way that assists teachers in providing intervention in content areas for students in need of accelerated learning. 

To be eligible, a partnership must include a postsecondary institution’s school of arts and sciences, its teacher preparation program, as well as a high-need local school district. 

MSU was the lead institutions on one grant award: Algebraic Dynamic Duo: Integrating Hands-On Learning and Problem Solving to Increase Student Achievement, $120,000 (Year 2). 

MSU will engage 40 middle and high school math and math-collaboration special education teachers. The project’s objectives are (1) identify students in need of accelerated learning through rigorous and scientifically researched assessment practices to make appropriate content-based interventions for assistance in algebra instruction, especially students beyond 8th grade still struggling with Algebra concepts, (2) implement instructional practices, informed by scientifically based research, for teaching algebra with a focus on depth of knowledge in algebraic concepts as defined by Common Core Standards, (3) fully integrate EPAS professional development that assists teachers in analyzing EPAS scores to inform instruction and strategies to assist students achievement on these tests, and (4) empower teachers through self-reflection and analysis in the creation of individual action plans. 

Krista Barton, director of the 21st Century Education Enterprise, is the principal investigator on the grant. 

The other projects, lead institutions and grant awards were: Success in Algebra: Improving Special Education Teaching Practice, University of Kentucky: $120,000—Year 2; Collaborative for Inquiry-Based Instruction, Northern Kentucky University: $120,000—Year 2; FLIP: Using Video Podcasts for Mathematics Instruction and Intervention, Northern Kentucky University: $120,000—Year 2; Integrating Engineering in the Sciences (IES), University of Kentucky: $130,000; Project-Based Investigations on Improving Water Quality in the Kentucky River Watershed, University of Kentucky: $130,000; and Enriching Science Learning through Simulations and Interdisciplinary Problem-Solving, and Murray State University: $99,000. 

Additional information on the MSU grant is available by contacting Barton at 606-783-2393.