“Explore Morehead” Campaign to be Organized

Aug 13, 2013

Credit Morehead Tourism

A new campaign is being started to encourage more people to patronize Morehead’s businesses.

Main Street Manager, Tony Pence, says he’s working with Tourism Director Joy Brown and Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Tracy Williams on the effort, which will be called “Explore Morehead”…

"It was difficult to come up with a ubiquitous slogan that would not exclude everyone else. We wanted everyone to be included...if you're in the city, you're in the city. If you're local, you're local. The Morehead area is what we targeted...and we wanted to be inclusive of all the businesses that spend their hard-earned time here." - Tony Pence

…which makes the initiative a little different from a recent campaign called “Uniquely Morehead” which focused on trying to convince people to shop at the city’s locally-owned businesses.  There’s been no timetable set yet for kicking off “Explore Morehead”…although Pence says it will start with a marketing campaign.