“Holding Hands With Your Individual Mandate” Show

Dec 10, 2013

#518 Show Summary (“Holding Hands With Your Individual Mandate” Show):

Finally, we have the opportunity to get back to doing what we do best – butchering the medical news. Whether it’s the latest guidelines on statins, lawsuits on Red Bull, or the health benefits of caring for a relative, we have an opinion, and it’s mostly misinformed. Experience the joy of feeling superior this weekend.

Tip: The new cholesterol guidelines recommend statins for everyone with established heart disease, for those with a BAD cholesterol level above 190, and for diabetics ages 40-75. They also recommend statin drugs for people with a 10 year risk of heart disease greater than 7.5%, but we feel their risk calculator is flawed.


Original publication of the 2013 American Heart Association cholesterol guidelines

Johns Hopkins University says people who care for chronically ill relatives live longer

Another review concludes that coffee and tea are good for you