Improving Childhood Vaccinations

Jun 16, 2014

Credit Kids City Blog

Fayette County's Public Health Commissioner Rice Leach says various agencies are working to improve the childhood immunization process.

Leach says some parents are having trouble finding a doctor to administer vaccinations.  He says the reimbursement rate has changed and doctors say it doesn't cover their costs. 

The veteran public health administrator says it may take a public-private network to get the job done.

"You read those old minutes of the board of health, you can find example after example of medicine, and hospitals, and public health have their arms linked working on something.  We got away from that with the antibiotics and the tuberculosis medicine and the polio vaccine.  Now, we just don't have enough money to do it the way we used to,” says Leach.

Leach says a number of medical and social service agencies are meeting to develop a strategy to deal with immunization issues.