Lewis County Seeks Funding For Recreational Trails

Mar 1, 2014

Credit American Trails

Lewis County officials are working on a recreational trails project. Judge-Executive Todd Ruckel said the project would bring horse and walking trails to the county.

"We already have some trails," he said. "But, this project would allow for more land and would be specifically for horses or hiking."

Ruckel said he has been working to bring the trails to the county for the last year and has spoken with many residents and officials who are willing to help bring this to a reality.

"We have spoken with one person who has about 30,000 acres of land, and others who have land that we may be able to use," Ruckel said. "We also have FEMA buyout land that can't be sold or have permanent structures placed on, but we may be able to use it for something like this."

Ruckel said it would be a good step for the county that would provide recreational activities for the people of Lewis County and visitors, as well as creating jobs.

"We could hold events in the county to attract people from surrounding counties," Ruckel said. "It will help with the tourism and it will create jobs in the process, which is something we need here."

According to Ruckel, the project would cost approximately $100,000 to complete.

Lewis County Fiscal Court recently approved a resolution which will allow Ruckel to apply for a grant to help fund the costs of the project.

"It would be a 50 percent grant," Ruckel said. "It would pay $50,000 and the other portion of it would be paid by us, most likely by using county or donated land, our own trucks and labor."

The grant would be through the Department of Local Government's Recreational Trails Program, according to the resolution. 

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