Lexington Police responding to shooting at Frederick Douglass High School

Mar 9, 2018

Credit WKYT

Lexington police are at the scene of Frederick Douglass High School after a report of a gunshot on campus.

A student who was in a classroom at the same time the gunshot occurred says another student was playing with the gun before it accidentally fired. The students says her peer suffered a hand injury as a result.

One mother tells WKYT she received a call from her son who was "shook" from the event after hearing the gunshot. She says she is heading to the school to pick her son up.

Lexington police tell WKYT that everyone on campus is now safe. They say FCPS law enforcement is the primary agency investigating, but they are assisting. Police say FCPS will likely file charges against the student.

FCPS spokeswoman Lisa Deffendall released this statement following the shooting.

"We had a student accidentally hurt himself [with] a firearm. No other students or staff were injured. The student has been taken to the hospital and is receiving medical care at this time. He is also facing charges of possession of a weapon on school property and wanton endangerment. We are not in a lockdown because the threat has been removed. School safety is the number one priority at Douglass and we will continue to take steps to ensure that all students and staff are safe."

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