'Morehead Tomorrow' Money Dispute

Aug 13, 2013

A dispute between an organization charged with promoting downtown Morehead and Rowan County is still simmering.

Both Morehead Tomorrow and the county claim they should get the $75,000 former M.T.  Executive Director Terry Alderman stole from the agency but has since paid back.  Efforts to resolve the matter through arbitration at the end of July failed after Rowan Judge-Executive Jim Nickell reportedly said he didn’t have the authorization to make a final decision regarding any proposed solutions.

Mayor David Perkins sits on the Morehead Tomorrow board…

"I think the council from Morehead Tomorrow was advised to tell the county that we would seek regression through the court system. Currently, I think it's still in the hands of Circuit Court Judge Maze" - David Perkins

At the point, Perkins says he doesn’t know when Rowan Circuit Judge Beth Maze will issue a final ruling on the matter.