MSPR Offers Special Labor Day Programming

Aug 28, 2017

 "A Time For Tales" (Sunday, September 3rd, 3 p.m.)

The 19th Annual Cave Run Storytelling Festival takes place September 29-30 at the Twin Knobs Recreation Area of Cave Run Lake. Host Carolyn Franzini presents this special program of “A Time For Tales,” a festival preview with stories by some of the featured tellers including Donald Davis, Linda Gorham, Bill Harley, Barbara McBride-Smith, Motoko and Ed Stivender.

"Work, the Engine of Life" (Monday, September 4th, 9 a.m.)

This Music & the Spoken Word Labor Day Special is a tribute to the working women and men and features the following music. "He Shall Feed His Flock", "Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel", "Over the Rainbow" from Wizard of Oz and more.

"The Right To Vote - A Humankind Special" (Monday, September 4th, 10 a.m.)

Although central to our democracy, the American right to vote has evolved only gradually, as freed slaves, women and civil rights activists slowly won the franchise. Includes the dramatic tale of a 1964 Freedom Summer volunteer.

"A Better Way To Learn" (Monday, September 4th, 11 a.m.)

As summer winds to a close and kids head back to class, Innovation Hub examines some major controversies, and important findings, in education — from why college campuses have shifted ideologically – and the implications of that shift – to the tumultuous moment when the Ivy League went co-ed. Plus, can our reading habits lead to a longer life?

"Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame" (Monday, September 4th, Noon)

MSPR will present a program showcasing Kentucky writers. The Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame announced the 2017 Hall of Fame class at an induction ceremony at the Carnegie Center in Lexington. This is the fifth class to be inducted.