MSU Extends "Farm To Campus" Program

Sep 26, 2013

James R. Comer, Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture
Credit Morehead State University

Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer was on the Morehead State University Campus on Thursday (September 26) to formally announce the extension of his “Farm to Campus” program to MSU.

Comer says it’s an initiative in which his department partners with Kentucky colleges to help them with their buy-local efforts in the community.

“I was at a processor that was fixing to open up in Morgan County last weekend and he’s a Morehead State AG alum. He’s made a significant investment in a meat processing facility there. He’s already hired eighteen people and gonna get up to thirty-five jobs. You’ll be working closely with that processor, I can assure you.” –James Comer

Comer spoke to agriculture students, faculty and staff at the MSU Farm.