MSU Ready for Freshmen Move-in Day Traffic

Aug 13, 2013

Credit MSU

Morehead State’s Police Chief Matt Sparks expects things to go smoothly when hundreds of the university’s newest students hit campus Thursday for “Freshmen Move-in Day”.

Sparks says it takes a lot of pre-planning to make sure that traffic patterns work the way they should that day…but he adds the event has generally gone well during his five years as MSU’s top cop, outside of a few issues last year at one of the school’s landlocked dorms…

"That was the first year that we had freshmen move into Nunn Hall...you have a bottle-neck up there as far as cars getting unloaded and getting turned around. It really slowed us down...it was difficult getting cars off of 60 and then have a place to park them. Years prior to that it's run pretty smooth and I think we've got it worked out this year." - Matt Sparks  

Sparks calls freshmen move-in day “an all hands on deck” affair for his department.  14 of his 16 officers will be assigned traffic duties that day, with the other two assigned to do overnight patrolling.