MSU Reviews Campus Master Plan

Oct 10, 2013

Baird Music Hall

Officials at Morehead State University are taking a hard look at the future of the school’s main campus.

President Wayne Andrews says MSU is working with Element Design of Lexington on revisions to its long-term campus master plan.

Andrews notes that work will be all encompassing and will include a review of the university’s infrastructure, its buildings, its future enrollment predictions and along with things like traffic and pedestrian circulation patterns.

“We’re looking at the potential for a new educational performance venue for music, art and theater, and so, that’s a big deal. So we’re doing a lot of effort, putting a lot of effort into that. We have some very premiere programs in that area that have pretty poor facilities and so we’re gonna get about improving that in the next 3 or 4 years.” –Wayne Andrews

Andres expects Element design to make its recommendations for MSU’s campus master plan by late December or early January.