National Guard To Observe Emergency Room Techniques

Dec 18, 2013

Spc. Manuel Chavarrias assisting a patient in the emergency room.
Credit National Guard

Some 150 Kentucky National Guard medics will make rounds through the emergency room at the University Of Kentucky Hospital.  It’s part of a collaborative agreement between UK and the Guard. 

Dr. Roger Humphries chairs the Emergency Medicine Department.

“It’s not unlikely that the medics would not be involved in medical care in their civilian jobs, but this is their job in the National Guard. So, for example, if they haven’t seen blood before, the battlefield is not the place to be seeing that for the very first time. That makes it an even more traumatic experience for the medic,” said Humphries.

Two to three Guard medics at a time will shadow emergency room physicians at the University Of Kentucky Hospital.  At first, Humphries says the emphasis will be taking notes.

“Initially, it’s an observation, they’ll just be watching and be able to observe how we do things.  And then we believe over time, they’ll be able to take on a little more active role, so they can have a little bit more active hands on learning,” added Humphries.

Humphries anticipates the arrival of the first set of Guard medics at his emergency room within the next few months.