One More Round Of Winter

Mar 24, 2014

Credit Emily Murdoch

Kentucky is having a hard time shaking winter in 2014.  The weather forecast calls for snow showers overnight with scant accumulation expected. 

Temperatures have warmed significantly in recent weeks, only to be dashed by a return to colder conditions. 

University of Kentucky Agricultural Meteorologist Matt Dixon admits a chilly period in April can't be ruled out.

"It's definitely a possibility.  As of right now, we can't directly pinpoint a date or what not to where that might occur.  It may not occur this year, so we just got to hope for the best and hopefully we don't see one of those major freeze events,” said Dixon.

Dixon says a late spring freeze in 2007 and 2012 did take its toll on Kentucky grain crops.  So far, he says farmers are not being significantly impacted.