Proposal to Drop FIVCO Area Drug Enforcement Task Force Undercover Agent

Aug 16, 2013

The Olive Hill City Council will look at a proposal to get rid of the city’s FIVCO Area Drug Enforcement Task Force undercover agent at its meeting next Tuesday night.

The town is facing a $60,000 budget shortfall and Councilman Allen Stapleton says dumping the FADE officer will save between $40,000 and $45,000. Fellow council member Glenn Meade disagrees with the plan…saying it would send the wrong message in a city with a serious drug issue.

Meade says Olive Hill needs to keep its FADE officer and that across-the-board cuts be used to balance the budget…

Meade says Olive Hill gets plenty of “bang for its buck” from FADE…noting the agency made 150 drug arrests in the last six months in the city. He urges local residents to share their thoughts about the issue at next Tuesday’s council meeting.