Restricted Use Of Campaign Signs

Apr 29, 2014

Credit Kaintuckeean

With election season under way across the Commonwealth, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet reminds candidates and their supporters that campaign signs are not allowed on state highway rights of way.

“Campaign signs should be displayed only on privately-owned property,” Transportation Secretary Mike Hancock said. “We want to support and encourage the democratic process, but not at the expense of our motorists’ safety.”

In Kentucky, non-official signs of any type – for campaigns, yard sales or other advertising – are prohibited on state highway rights of way and cannot be placed on guardrails or road signs because they can create a traffic hazard. Depending on size and construction, illegally placed signs are a distraction and vision blocker to drivers, especially at busy intersections.

Such signs also can disrupt or endanger right-of-way operations such as mowing, ditch cleaning and litter removal, and can pose a direct safety hazard to motorists who run off the roadway – particularly when installed with large wooden or metal stakes.

As a safeguard, Kentucky Department of Highways crews remove signs that directly hinder the traveling safety of the public and other illegal signing as scheduling allows. Owners of signs may retrieve them for a period of time after removal by visiting the state maintenance facility within their county.

“When highway department employees remove these signs, they are simply doing their jobs to maintain roadways and improve highway safety,” said Bart Bryant, District 9 chief district engineer. “We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of the public.”