Senator Blevins on Widening of KY 377

Oct 3, 2013

State Senator Walter Blevins
Credit http://www.lrc.ky.gov/

When state officials traveled down Kentucky 377 in Rowan County this week to take part in a groundbreaking for a new business, they were greeted by signs calling for the road to be widened. Proponents had strewn placards along the highway advocating the project be done immediately.

The Independent Stave Company plans to open a barrel-making plant on 377 about a year from now. That’ll mean a steady stream of logging trucks in and out of the mill and people who live in the area are concerned about safety. So, is State Senator Walter Blevins.

He says there’s no question the road needs to be widened…

Blevins says he thinks the actual widening can take place in about two years. State Representative Rocky Adkins says 3 million dollars has already been appropriated for planning and design, with another 4.5 million set aside for right of way acquisition.