Statewide Smoking Ban Discussed

Jan 21, 2014

A past president of the Kentucky Medical Association says it’s time for the General Assembly to pass a statewide smoking ban. Dr. Shawn Jones says there’s overwhelming evidence to support such a law in the interest of public health.

He discussed the issue Monday (Jan. 20) on KET’s “Kentucky Tonight” program.

“Scientific evidence is now indisputable. Second-hand smoke is not a mere annoyance; it’s a serious health hazard that leads to disability and premature death in children and in non-smoking adults.” –Dr. Shawn Jones  

Dr. Jones says smoke-free, indoor environments are a simple way to prevent harm and exposure.

An organization called Northern Kentucky Choice is urging lawmakers to reject a statewide smoking ban. Spokesman Ken Moellman says it’s not necessary.

He says the issue comes down to private property rights.

“I believe that a property owner can decide whether or not to allow smoking on their property. We’ve seen in northern Kentucky…many, many businesses have chosen to be smoke-free voluntarily. The business owners respond to what is being demanded by the customers.” –Ken Moellman

Moellman says no one is forced to enter a business that permits smoking. He also appeared on KET’s “Kentucky Tonight.”