Support Group Serves Eastern Kentucky Veterans

Mar 24, 2014

Ashland Native Paul E. Ison and his “Death Valley Photo” from Okinawa in WWII
Credit East Kentucky Military Historical Society

The East Kentucky Military History Society is working with schools and various service organizations to educate people about the role the Armed Forces has played in the region.

Matt Potter of Flatwoods is president of the organization. He says it was formed just over a year ago and now has about 600 members from a dozen counties.

“We are basically all about exposing the individuals from northeast Kentucky. Letting people know about our veterans, our military heritage. We hold monthly roundtable meetings where we have various veteran speakers come and talk with us. We hold coffee meetings, just general fellowship outings. So, we’re really just trying to raise veterans awareness as well as paying tribute to their service.” –Matt Potter

Potter says the military history society will be partnering with Morehead State University in June when MSU presents its annual “Veterans Expo.”

The East Kentucky Military Historical Society is online at: http://ekmhs.org