Tailgate Parties May Attract More Than Flies

Oct 10, 2013

Undercover state investigators are crashing tailgate parties this fall at the state’s universities. 

Since the end of August, the enforcement effort overall has resulted in more than 150 citations for alcohol-related offenses.  The Commonwealth’s Alcoholic Beverage Control officers also patrol Keeneland, looking for underage drinkers. 

Director of Enforcement Mike Razor says they try to make repeat visits.

“We don’t have a lot of investigators. There are 30 of us total and they’re stationed throughout the state.  It doesn’t take that many.  So three or four may go to three or four different places on game day or Keeneland or someplace that has a potential for underage drinking to occur,” said Razor.

Razor says on average, about 30 citations are written for a fall tailgate event.  He says the aim is to spread his investigators equally around the state’s universities.  Razor says this weekend’s high profile football game between the University of Kentucky and Alabama will likely attract undercover officers.