Trump and Bevin in 2-0-1-7 show

Feb 1, 2017

Using as many annoying words from 2016 as we possibly can, our transformational trio examines new earwax guidelines, Valerian root supplements, blood pressure targets for senior citizens, and we end in a rousing patriotic argument about the differences between Democrats and Republicans. With hastily formed conclusions and gross oversimplification, this show fulfills our pledge to make America grate again.

Tip: blood pressure targets for senior citizens are controversial. Two large physician groups have stated that for people over age 60, systolic blood pressures above 150 should be treated, and for most patients the goal will be less than 140. There is not enough science to make recommendations on the diastolic blood pressure in older patients.


Valerian root:  the positive comments

Valerian root: the medical concerns

New blood pressure guidelines for people over 60 are really quite simple