Vanceburg Resident Submits Dry Vote Petition

Mar 29, 2014

Credit Terry Prather, The Ledger Independent

A petition to prohibit the sale of liquor in Vanceburg has been turned in to the Lewis County Clerk's Office.

Vanceburg resident Jimmy Clark said he was able to secure enough signatures on a petition to have the county clerk hold a vote to have alcohol sales stopped within the city limits. The remainder of the county does not allow alcohol sales.

Clark said he was told he needed 120 signatures, which would count for 25 percent of the registered voters who voted in the last election. Clark actually collected 128 signatures and turned the petition into the clerk's office on March 24.

"I got the signatures I needed. Now all we need to do is wait to hear when the vote might take place,” said Clark.

Lewis County Clerk Glenda Himes was out of her office this past week and unavailable to speak about the petition.

Jimmy Clark said there are three reasons he is asking the city for a vote that would put a citywide ban on alcohol in an already dry county.

Clark said the first reason for him came when a boy driving down his street upended a beer bottle and tossed it out of the car and onto his property. The second came when a drunk driver traveled down his street and crashed his vehicle 15 feet from a group of children who were sitting in their yard. The third reason came when he and his son were at a store, purchasing snacks and soda, he said.

"I told my son to go and get a 12-pack of pop and some chips. He came back carrying a 12-pack of beer, telling me it was a new kind of pop. When I went back to where he got it, I saw the beer was right next to the chips and children's juices. The pop was clear on the other side of the store,” added Clark.

Clark said that was the last straw and he decided to find out how he could get a wet-dry vote.

"I went to the mayor, who lives on the same street here, and asked him about getting a vote. He told me he would check into it for me. He eventually came back and said I'd need to start a petition to get the vote, and that's what I did," said Clark.

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