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Kentucky Makes Strides in Fighting Hunger

May 8, 2017
Public News Service

An annual snapshot of food insecurity shows Kentucky is making some strides in the fight to end hunger.

The Map the Meal Gap 2017 report by Feeding America released Thursday tracks who is struggling with hunger and where they live.

According to the findings, Kentucky's food insecurity rate of 16 percent fell about 1 percent from last year.

Food insecurity rates are down overall since 2011, and Tamara Sandberg, executive director of the Kentucky Association of Food Banks, says she's thrilled to see the improvement.

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee and Louisiana are being included in a federal program intended to help persistently poor rural communities. The secretary made the announcement on Friday (January 17) at the Pine Mountain State Resort Park.

Vilsack says the so-called StrikeForce initiative will enable 73 Kentucky counties to take advantage of USDA programs involving conservation, food assistance and home and business loans.