House Education Committee

Cyberbullying Bill Defeated

Mar 18, 2014

The House Education Committee today defeated a bill intended to crack down on cyberbullying and other forms of harassment in school. The measure sponsored by Democrat Mike Denham of Maysville would have required school districts to adopt a policy on cyberbullying, take disciplinary action against students who violate the policy and report all those actions to the Kentucky Department of Education. Those who voted against the measure think it goes too far. One of them was Ben Waide. He’s a Republican from Madisonville…

Teacher Planning Bill Moves Forward

Feb 19, 2014
The Wise & Witty Teacher

The House Education Committee approved a bill on Tuesday (Feb. 18) requiring Kentucky school districts to give teachers a minimum of 120 minutes per week of planning time. The measure is supported by the Kentucky Education Association (KEA).

Stephanie Winkler is a fourth grade teacher in Madison County and president of the KEA.

Early Childhood Education Bill

Feb 11, 2014

The House Education Committee today approved a bill for improving early childhood education in Kentucky. The measure sponsored by Democratic State Representative Derrick Graham spells out the agencies that will provide various services toward that end.

Education Commissioner Terry Holiday testified for the bill. Last August, he says, more than 50 percent of Kentucky’s five-year-old children were ill-prepared for kindergarten…

Education Panel Okays Coal Scholarships

Feb 4, 2014

The House Education Committee today approved a bill that makes permanent and expands a college scholarship program for students from Kentucky’s coal counties. House Speaker Greg Stumbo is the sponsor of the measure. The Floyd County Democrat says it makes available money from coal severance taxes to be used by students from the state’s eastern and western coal fields to attend college at public or private schools. Too many young people, he argues, lack accessibility to a four-year state university…