Kentucky Utilities


Attorney General Andy Beshear announced today that his Office of Rate Intervention has entered into a settlement with LG&E and KU that will save Kentucky ratepayers $90 million annually – $33.2 million of that for residential customers.

Late last year, the utility companies proposed to the Public Service Commission a nearly $210 million increase in annual revenues. After studying the rate proposal, Beshear proposed the PSC dramatically reduce the rate request.

CO2 Emissions Bill Ready For Governor's Approval

Mar 20, 2014
Kentucky Utilities

A bill that would allow coal-fired electric power plants in Kentucky to regulate their own carbon dioxide emissions is headed to the governor’s desk.

Filed by Rep. Jim Gooch, who has investments in coal-related companies, House Bill 388 would allow power plants that burn coal to regulate CO2 emissions at lower rates than anticipated federal standards.

Sen. Jared Carpenter supported the bill.

Neighbors Assist Kentucky Workers During Winter Storm

Mar 3, 2014
National Post

The threat of an ice storm brought help to the Commonwealth in the form of out-of-state utility crews.

Kentucky Utilities spokesman Cliff Feltham says about 550 workers from other states made the trip this past weekend.  Feltham says most were, in the end, not needed.

“Most of them made it in. They were staging at one of our operation centers in Louisville and many of them had gone through the safety training which we require them to do before we put them out on the streets doing any restoration,” said Feltham.

Ice Storm Strains Electrical Service

Feb 5, 2014

This week’s ice storm has come and gone but its effect on electrical service may linger for some Kentucky residents.  Some areas of the state saw about a quarter inch of ice accumulation on everything including trees and power lines. 

Kentucky Utilities Spokesman Cliff Feltham says it’s not over until the ice is over.

“Our acid test for it all is when the ice comes completely out of the trees because until we get temperatures to get all that ice out of the trees the ice still poses a problem to those trees and potentially can pull the limbs down,” said Feltham.

Kentucky Utilities Seeks Solar Power

Jan 31, 2014
Conserve Energy Future

Kentucky Utilities is asking for state approval to build a 36 million dollar solar power plant in central Kentucky. 

If KU’s request is granted by the State Public Service Commission, the facility would be built adjacent to the coal-fired complex already in place at the Burgin plant.  Utility Spokesman Cliff Feltham says the solar plant would feature a large number of sunlight gathering panels. 

Feltham says it’s not about replacing coal fired units.

Kentucky Utilities Adds Mobile Technology

Sep 16, 2013
Lexington Herald Leader

Kentucky’s largest electric utility is investing millions in technology to help speed up power restoration in the event of an electrical outage.  

The new technology comes in the form of computers and mobile capabilities being installed in LG & E and Kentucky Utilities field trucks.  Two way radios have been the standard for communications when the lights go out.