Morehead City Council

Splash Pad Hits Snag

Jul 11, 2018

The city of Morehead’s proposed splash pad at the Don Greenhill City Park could be delayed.

The city moved forward with getting bids on the project after receiving engineer estimates during its meeting Monday.

Councilman Tom Carew says the bids weren’t what was expected.

Morehead Panel to Review Flood Control

Apr 15, 2015
The Morehead News

Morehead Councilman Tom Carew says a panel appointed by the mayor will study flooding in the city to see if there are steps that can be taken to mitigate its impact.

Carew says the city has been hit hard twice within the past five years, so a thorough examination is a good idea.

“When they build highways, the culverts under the highways are designed to handle a fifty year rain. Well, maybe the culverts that we got along the bypass, which is U.S. 60 aren’t carrying as much water as they need to carry.”   

Morehead Community Center Repairs

Aug 12, 2014

The heating and cooling system in Morehead’s Carl Perkins Center will be repaired. City council has authorized a contract for more than $42,000 with Service of Morehead to do the work.

Caroline Franzini is a member of council…

Service of Morehead is owned by Mayor David Perkins’ brother but Franzini says the firm was the only bidder for the project and the mayor has no financial interest in the company.

Morehead Weighs City Pool Options

May 15, 2014
Athletic Business 2014

Morehead Councilman Tom Carew says the city is weighing several options now that it appears repairing the 40 year-old municipal swimming pool is cost prohibitive.

Among the possibilities, he says, is striking a deal with Morehead State University for use of its Olympic-style facility in the university’s Recreation and Wellness Center. However, he is quick to add that doesn’t seem to be an ideal choice.

Morehead Council Approves Fairness Ordinance

Nov 12, 2013

Morehead city council has given preliminary approval to a fairness ordinance prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation. The measure passed without dissent at its first reading Monday night.

A draft of the ordinance was initially presented in September but Councilman Tom Carew says Morehead officials wanted to compare it to similar measures on the books in other Kentucky cities…

Carew says final approval of the ordinance is likely in December. 

Morehead Mayor David Perkins admits he doesn’t completely understand a potential controversy surrounding a proposed fairness ordinance that city council is reviewing.

Perkins doesn’t think the matter is a big deal, saying the ordinance would only dove-tail off of state and federal laws that are already in place. The ordinance would prevent discrimination based on sexual preference or gender identity in such matters as housing, employment and restaurants.

Ohio Free Press

A Morehead city directive that prohibits the unauthorized carrying of firearms by city employees must be deleted from the city’s Safety and Loss Prevention Policy.

Morehead Councilman Glenn Teager says that’s what the city has been told by state officials who say the rule is in conflict with Kentucky law.

Teager says he’s baffled by the ruling.