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Report: More Investment Needed in Water Infrastructure

Mar 27, 2017
Public News Service

A new report from the Value of Water Campaign outlines the major economic impact investments in the nation's water infrastructure could have.

Many of the country's water and wastewater treatment equipment and systems have been in place for more than a century, and the report shows Kentucky is in the region with the greatest needs. Radhika Fox, director of the Value of Water Campaign, said investments are meeting only a third of the nation's needs.

Today's Homeowner

The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) approved a grant for $243,000 to the City of Olive Hill to repair and replace components of its aging water system and address health concerns in the city’s downtown area.

The cast iron waterline that dates back to the early 1960s is the oldest part of the water system.  Two surveys estimate a 45-50 percent water loss due to corroded piping.  The project includes 7,400 linear feet of waterline, and will replace the cast iron line with PVC, install new fire hydrants and provide additional capacity to stabilize water volume.

Morehead Water & Sewer Rates

Aug 28, 2014

The Morehead Utility Plant Board is considering changing the way it bills customers for water and sewer service. General Manager Mike Nickell says indexing the rates may be a way to avoid huge, periodic increases…

Nickell says the idea is still in its early stages and it’ll be subject to a lot more analysis before any recommendation is brought before Morehead City Council. He says that could happen in October.