All About Jazz

Sunday Night Jazz Showcase

Program #85 (August 30 at 8:00PM)

A very versatile acoustic and electric bassist capable of playing straight-ahead jazz, funk, and fusion, Brian Bromberg is also one of the few bassists to master the tapping technique made famous by Stanley Jordan, sometimes sounding like three bassists at once during his often-thunderous solos.

MSU Athletics

Freshman forward Dani Wilson collected both goals, including an overtime clinching tally for Morehead State soccer (2-1) in its 2-1 victory over Bowling Green (2-1) Friday night under the glow at Jayne Stadium.

"The result is awesome to get that first win, but the way we played was even better," said Head Coach Warren Lipka. "We were much better on the ball today, and we created scoring opportunities."

MSU Athletics

The Morehead State Volleyball team rallied from behind to win the second and fourth sets, but eventually fell to Indiana State, 3-2. They lost 25-19 (ISU), 27-25 (MSU), 25-23 (ISU), 25-19 (MSU), 15-12 (ISU).

A day after trailing most of the way against Marshall, the Eagles once again trailed in every set. But, on Saturday afternoon they found a way to bounce back. Trailing 19-13 in the second, they rallied to win 27-25, and then in the fourth, after trailing 10-2, they outscored the Sycamores 23-9 the rest of the way to force a pivotal fifth set.

Higher Education Costs Continue to Rise

Aug 28, 2015

As students return to Kentucky's 24 public colleges and universities to begin the fall semester, the price they are paying continues to escalate, while lawmakers continue to slash state support.

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Kentucky is among the five states with the highest increase in the average cost of tuition since last year. The nearly four percent jump averages $344 a student.

Lacey Parham, Owensboro Community and Technical College sophomore and student government president, says tuition has become a major factor in students' plans.

LGBTQ Nation

There’s a civil rights rally in Morehead on Saturday (August 29) at 9AM.

The event is sponsored by the Rowan County Rights Coalition and is taking place outside the county administration building, where Clerk Kim Davis has her offices.

Coordinator Mary Hargis says groups like the National Organization for Women, AllYance (alliance), various faith groups and others will take part in the event.

Hargis says the rally is a reaction to the continued denial of marriage licenses to same sex couples in Rowan County.

Buzz Quotes

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #47 (August 28 at 8:00PM)

John Harford (the added "t" was the brainchild of Chet Atkins) was born in New York City to a medical resident and his painter wife but grew up in St. Louis near the Mississippi River he would always love. His first job, on a riverboat, came at age ten.

Host: Dr. Wayne D. Andrews, President, Morehead State University

Moderator: Jason Blanton

Guests: Julia Hawkins, Megan Boone

Topic:  MSU Career Services

Officials of Morehead State University along with members of its Board of Regents, local and state legislators held a ribbon cutting ceremony today (Thursday, Aug. 27) for the Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics. ( View gallery )

Countless families were left separated and homeless in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina a decade ago, but the catastrophe brought one family closer together as they resettled in Lexington.

Dr. Ellen Hahn show

Aug 25, 2015

Everyone in Kentucky owes Dr. Ellen Hahn a vote of thanks. Without her pioneering work in the 1990s, Lexington and other communities in the Commonwealth would never have gone smoke-free. We thank you, and our children thank you. Dr. Hahn discusses her latest work on radon and we remember tobacco wars and discuss e-cigarettes.



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