Community Advisory Board Meeting Minutes May 4, 2016

The meeting started at 5:59pm at the Morehead State Public Radio (MSPR) office.

Nona Camuel, MSPR Advisory Board (CAB) Chair welcome returning members and guests.

Nona discussed that “Black Bear” had vacated his seat on the board.

Paul Hitchcock welcomed returning board members and new board members, as well.

Old Business

Minutes from the February meeting were reviewed. Greg made the motion to approve the minutes and Sarah Dailey seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Paul Hitchcock presented the Quarterly Program Report. No questions or comments were made. Greg made the motion to pass the quarterly review and Molly Smothers seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Paul noted that the CAB Leadership Award was presented to the winner. The board members voted during the last meeting on a winner from the submitted applications.

Guest Comments

No guest comments were made at this meeting.

Radio Eye

Paul Hitchcock updated the board members on the progress of Radio Eye and the volunteers. Several volunteers have been identified for training, but have yet to complete the training.

Colby Thatcher made the comment that she has received feedback from local listeners about more local programing.

New Business

a.)    The board discussed concerns about profanity being used with NPR. This is the second meeting that this has been discussed as a concern. Paul stated that he has contacted NPR with each concern/ complaint that he has received.

b.)    Paul reviewed with the board members the possible cuts that could be placed on WMKY, due to across the board budget cuts at Morehead State University. The board members discussed in detail fundraising ideas. No budget report was provided to the board members at this time. However, Paul did state that he has submitted a three step plan to the university, with proposed cuts. Along with this plan, Paul submitted the MSPR Value and Impact Report to the university. CAB members also discussed the possible cuts to KFAC. Paul stated that a special called board meeting for the CAB members and the public would be scheduled, when he knew more about possible budget cuts.

Closing Comments

The next quarterly CAB meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, August 3, 2016 at 6:00pm.

Paul stated that an email would be sent to discuss possible budget cuts, at a later date. No motion was needed to approve.

Steve made the motion to pass to adjourn. Molly seconded the motion and the motion passed. With no further business to discuss, the CAB was adjourned at 7:01pm.