Community Advisory Board Meeting Minutes November 4, 2015

The meeting started at 5:58pm at the Morehead State Public Radio (MSPR) office.

Mary Caric, MSPR Advisory Board (CAB) Chair welcomed returning members and guest, Nathan Gutierrez.

       -Mary made comment that this was her last CAB meeting.

Mary called for a new Chair member to be nominated and the board members discussed Nona Camuel. Mary made the motion for Nona Camuel to be selected as Chair. Stephen “BlackBear” LaBoueff seconded this motion. The motion passed.

The board members discussed inviting new members to join. Paul Hitchcock said that he would follow up on the suggestions that the board made.

The recent election was discussed. Paul stated that no coverage of the election happened during the evening hours of the election on 11/3/15, but coverage was being provided today, 11/4/15.

Old Business
Minutes of the August 5, 2015 meeting were reviewed. Greg Dike made the motion to approve the minutes and Stephen “Black Bear” seconded. The motion passed.

Mary Caric presented the Quarterly Program Report for July- September 2015. No questions or comments were made.  Greg made a motion to pass the quarterly review and Mary Caric seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Paul discussed the CPB audit that recently took place. Three (3) areas were noted to need improvement including:

1.       Adjusting a line item allocation

2.       Placing CPB financials in the public file

3.       Updating privacy information on the station’s website.

Radio Eye

Paul stated that six (6) volunteers have been identified for training and background checks through Radio Eye. These six (6) volunteers are local to the listening area.

Mary mentioned that the volunteers had not yet been contacted. Paul informed the board that he is keeping in touch with Radio Eye about the volunteers and the programming.

Stephen “BlackBear” mentioned that two students attending Morehead State University are blind and could benefit from the Radio Eye. The board agreed to work on accessing additional radios for them.

Guest Comments
Nathan was the only guest present at this meeting, and he did not have any comments.   

New Business

Kentucky AField, which has no relation to the television show, will be placed on the Saturday programming.  The show is free and is trying to promote wildlife conversation, and provide local weekend activities to community members.

Kentucky Tonight, a KET program, will air on Sundays.

Greg stated that these programs would be beneficial to our local listening audiences.

The board discussed concerns that had been brought up with NPR and the use of profanity. Paul stated that he has brought this to concern to NPR. NPR stated that they no use no more profanity than they have in the past.

Leadership Award will be offered again this year, it’s 11th year! The award winner is selected by the CAB and staff. Paul will be sending out information at a later date about those who have applied.

Mary made the motion to offer $100 to the winning student. Colby seconded this motion. The motion passed.

KFAC/ MSPR fundraiser will be developing a mailing list towards the end of the year. A 2017 exhibit will be hosted at KFAC entitled Traveling Blues.

Storybook Christmas has a donation drop off located by the front door, for new books. The drop box is available Monday- Friday.

MSPR celebrated it’s 50th anniversary on June 15, 2015. Since that time, photos of reports, DJ’s, etc. have been collected and are currently on display throughout the radio station.

Closing Comments

The next quarterly CAB meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, February 3, 2016, at 6:00pm in MSPR’s studios.

With no further business to discuss, the CAB was adjourned at 6:57pm.