City Of Augusta Forms Drug Tip Line

Mar 29, 2014

Credit eHow

To answer a need to identify criminal activity in and around Augusta, the Augusta Police Department has established an anonymous tip phone line.

“We need input from the public to help fight drug trafficking and other crimes in the community,” said APD Chief Kelly Baxter.

Baxter spoke at a recent heroin awareness forum and fielded questions about how anonymous the line really was and if a tip giver could be asked to testify in court.

“Anyone can see what the line is, it is just a phone and recorder, there is no caller identification. We need the information so we know where and when such activities may be happening. We do not need the caller's name,” said Baxter.

Baxter, along with his officers Chris Neal and Harry Brooks, are proactive with programs to inform children how they can help police fight or prevent crime, he said.

“Chris and I spoke with high school kids in the gymnasium already and Chris is planning to go into the schools with classes, probably more next year,” Baxter said.

Funding for the tip line is provided by City of Augusta, Baxter said.

“I suggested it to the mayor and he thought it was a good idea,” Baxter added.

The line can be used for anonymous tips or to leave a message for officers to contact the caller.

“Working together is the way we can help develop leads and in that way get some of these drugs off the streets,” Baxter commented.

The tip line is checked by police on a regular basis, Baxter said. Call (606) 756-3607 to report illegal activity 24 hours a day. In the case of an emergency needing police, fire or EMS responders, callers should still call Bracken County 911, he said.

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