CPE Considers Academic Performance Rewards

Sep 26, 2013

Kentucky’s Council on Postsecondary Education is working on an agreement that would distribute money to universities based on their academic performance.

President Bob King says the council pitched a similar idea to the General Assembly in 2011 but it failed. He says the policy is changing this year.

Whereas before, schools would be paid if they met certain goals, under this plan they would compete against each other, earning points for degrees awarded and for graduating certain minority groups.

“There isn’t an enormous amount of evidence yet that says one approach is better than another but we have what we think is a fairly good model and we will try to persuade the legislature to embrace it this time out,” remarked King.

King says the council is considering requesting an additional $15 million dollars on top of what it already receives. He acknowledges it may be a tough sell, but says some legislators support the initiative.