Family Foundation Opposes Expanded Gaming

Jan 22, 2014

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Permitting casino gambling in Kentucky so state government could get more revenue is a poor trade-off, says the head of the Family Foundation of Kentucky. Kent Ostrander testified on Wednesday (Jan. 22) in Frankfort in opposition to legislation that would pave the way for expanded gaming in the Commonwealth.

Ostrander says that would amount to a huge tax increase for Kentucky families…without much benefit.

“Kentucky families must lose 830 million dollars each year in order for Kentucky government to get its cut of 286 million dollars. That means 544 million dollars will go to casinos.” –Kent Ostrander

Ostrander says the legislature should reject casinos in Kentucky in order to protect its people. The 50-million dollars they’d pay for a gambling license, he contends, would be a ticket to prey on Kentucky’s families. He appeared before the House Licensing and Occupations Committee.