Festival Of The Bluegrass This Weekend

Jun 13, 2014

J.D. Crowe
Credit Bluegrass Today

Well before the music and singing hit the main stage at the Festival of the Bluegrass, attendees are hearing sounds of the event at campsites.

Ron Atrill on the banjo is here from Ontario Canada for the event.  He says any time his wife lets him, he goes to a bluegrass festival. 

Not far away, Sherry McGee and her daughter Evalina rode their bikes back to camp.  McGee says she plays an instrument not often thought of as a part of the bluegrass scene.

"Oh, I love bluegrass, I love it.  But, it just doesn't call for a drum set, although, I think one of those bands last night really could have used some drums,” says McGee.

It's a time of leisure all weekend, but particularly before the Bluegrass music starts up on stage.  Evalina was one of the children involved in this year's Kentucky Bluegrass Music Camp.

"They teach you how to play songs and if you don't know how to play the instrument, they teach you that and then you get to perform on stage,” says McGhee.

The Festival of the Bluegrass features a full lineup of traditional bluegrass bands today and tomorrow with a gospel show Sunday morning. The event runs through Sunday at the horse park campgrounds.​