Fleming County Schools Add Sewage System

Feb 10, 2014

Credit California Water

The new Ewing Elementary School will soon be connected to a sewage system.

Flemingsburg Mayor Marty Voiers said officials from the city of Flemingsburg and the Fleming County School District have been working to get a sewage line to the school facility for the last couple of years.

"We've been working on this for about two years or so," Voiers said.  "The school, and all the residents and business going toward the school, are on septic systems right now, so it's something greatly needed."

Voiers said the line will begin at the wastewater treatment plant in Flemingsburg and continue on toward Ewing Elementary. Once the line has been installed, the residents and businesses in the area will be required to hook onto the line.

"The line is connecting to our plant, because we are the only ones in the area with a treatment plant," Voiers said.

Voiers said those who will be affected by the new line are the ones with houses or businesses located within 300 feet of the road.

"There have been some concern with residents and businesses, but you will have that with any project of this size," Voiers said.  "Most of the concern has been about what will happen when the hookup first begins and it will be a little more expensive.  But, we haven't had a lot of opposition to it."

Voiers said the company which will run the line is Tilton Excavating of Mount Olivet.  T.E. was awarded the contract after with a bid of about $1.2 million.

The project is being funded through four sources -- the Environmental Protection Agency, Appalachian Regional Commission, the Fleming County School District and a loan from the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority.

"We're very excited to get this line," Voiers said.  "It will be an advantage of everyone to connect onto this line."

Voiers said he is waiting on approval from the funding agencies to begin the project, but hopes to see it started by March.

Story by Christy Hoots/The Ledger Independent

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