Health Care Vouchers For Veterans Discussed

Jul 11, 2014

Dr. Alexis Harrison and her patient, Air Force Veteran Larry Kerr
Credit U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

State Representative Robert Benvenuti would like Kentucky to be used in a federal pilot project aimed at improving access to medical care for veterans.

The Fayette County Republican thinks Kentucky should ask Congress for legislation permitting veterans in the Commonwealth to use vouchers to pay for services from providers outside the Veterans Administration health care system.

“I think that we can all agree that veterans in Kentucky or nowhere for that matter, should be waiting four months for our primary care offices, that’s not acceptable. They ought to be able to have a voucher and walk into any physician’s office in the Commonwealth and receive care and have that care paid for.” –Robert Benvenuti

Benvenuti urged Kentucky’s new Veterans Affairs Commissioner Heather French Henry to support the idea. He made the suggestion at a public hearing in Frankfort on Thursday (July 10).