House Passes Distracted Driving Bill

Mar 3, 2014

Credit Distracted Driver Accidents

The Kentucky General Assembly continues to give attention to the issue of distracted driving. 

The House passed legislation on Friday (Feb. 28) to double the fines for texting while driving in school or work zones. The bill's co-sponsor is Louisville Representative Joni Jenkins.

“You know it’s a small step, but it’s to call attention to the issue and to let especially young drivers now how dangerous it is,” said Jenkins.

The measure proposes to increase the fines for texting while driving in school and work zones from 25 to 50 dollars on the first offense and 50 to 100 dollars on subsequent offenses. 

The approved bill includes an exemption for Bluetooth headsets or other devices that allow hands-free operation.  The bill passed 62 to 32 in the House and it now heads to the Senate.