Man O' War Boulevard Redesign Study

Oct 4, 2013

Credit Kentucky.com

A major road widening project could one day reduce congestion around one of Lexington’s best known roads.

Beginning in the early 1970s, Man-o-War Boulevard grew in sections around Lexington.  With the road’s extension came additional subdivisions, traffic lights, and congestion.  Responding to complaints, Lexington leaders may commission a 250-thousand dollar study into a major redesign of Man o War.

Council member Kevin Stinnett admits it’s hard to predict when actual widening work might start.

“It depends on what the design comes back and the price tag.  Obviously, it’s gonna be 40 plus million regardless of what we do and you know, the city can’t afford that alone, so we need help from our state partners,” said Stinnett.

The need for an emergency lane for disabled vehicles has been a long standing concern.  Stinnett says adding another lane would help.

“Right now ambulances can’t get by. Fire engines are delayed constantly.  It’s not just happening, it’s every day.  So, we need to start addressing it.  It affects eleven of the 15 of us directly, because it’s in our district, so we need to go ahead and address it today.  It’s the only major road that Lexington actually owns.  We don’t own any other major road,” said Stinnett.

Members of the Council’s budget committee could set into motion a 250-thousand dollar study into the roadway’s redesign.