The Mariah Carey Moment Show

Jan 24, 2017

Mariah Carey moments. We’ve all had them. They are times when our electronics stop us from doing something (such as singing) that we should have been able to do anyway. You’ve seen the cashier desperately trying to calculate your change, the computer failing to record something you should have been able to write down on the scrap of paper, etc. We at Health Matters have had our share over the Christmas holidays, so we bring you this hastily prepared overview of thyroid disease, Christmas falls, cold-weather injuries, rudeness, and cancer deaths. Should be fun.

Tip: more than 12% of the US population will develop a thyroid condition during their lifetime, but most will be unaware that the thyroid is a problem. Tests of thyroid function are simple to do and this is good to discuss with your doctor.


Thyroid facts from the American Thyroid Association

The YakTrax study. Not the best science, but more info than any other winter footgear.

London HIV rates plummet. First, pre-exposure prophylaxis seems to work. Second, partnerships for buying cheap foreign medications may be in our future as well.