MSU Receives Grant to Study Language

Jul 30, 2013

Dr. Katy Carlson
Credit MSU

Morehead State University has received a grant from the National Institute of Health for a three-year study of the language process.

Leading the research will be Dr. Katy Carlson, Associate Professor of English at MSU. She says the project will explore how emphasizing certain words contributes to the understanding of a sentence. She says it’s the sort of work that can benefit doctors treating patients who’ve lost or have impaired language abilities…

"The prosody…this tune and rhythm part of speech can actually be affected by certain types of brain injuries or brain damage. And if we don't understand how unimpaired people use this part of speech, then we don't know what it is that people with some sort of brain damage or speech problem…what they're missing…and we don't how to treat them." - Dr. Katy Carlson, Associate Professor of English

Carlson says the $350,000 grant will fund one postdoctoral and several undergraduate researchers.