State Representative Meeks Skeptical of Charter Schools

Sep 10, 2013

State Representative Reginald Meeks

State Representative Reginald Meeks says he’s willing to listen to the advocates of charter schools in Kentucky. However, the Louisville Democrat says support for the idea is not coming from teachers…

"I'm not hearing educators come to us saying...'We want charter schools'...I'm hearing paid staff coming in from various organizations talking about it. Others who are organized on this particular issue raising the question. I don't hear the educators in the classroom saying we need this." - Reginald Meeks

…And Meeks says he’s troubled by that. He also says he’s not hearing anything about how charter schools would deal with bussing or home and family issues that affect students from poor, urban communities.

Meeks serves on the House Education Committee. He made his comments Monday at a public hearing on charter schools.