Student Government Association holds debate before upcoming elections

Mar 12, 2018

Brandon Bryer (Left) and Tom Curtsinger (Right) debate each other on what issues matter most for the office of Student Body President on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at the Camden-Carroll Library in Morehead, KY.
Credit Josh Bryant, The Trail Blazer

Morehead State University's Student Government Association held its first debate Wednesday, March 7th at 6:30 p.m.

The event featured a conversation between juniors Tom Curtsinger and Brandon Bryer, both of whom are running for president. Aaron Curnute and Colby Birkes are in the running for vice president.

Hotly discussed issues included meal swipes, alcohol on campus, housing and student counselling and health services.

Curtsinger said his priorities are health services and housing.

“Health Services has been charging students co-pays, and Counselling Services are understaffed on mental health and other medical staff," he said. "Part of what I want to do as president is start a fundraiser through SGA to pay for student’s co-pays when they come to the clinic."

Curtsinger said he would like to hire at least one more mental health counselor at MSU's clinic. There are currently two councilors qualified to deal with mental illness and addiction.

Curtsinger said he would like SGA to work with MSU's housing department to approve more minor renovations like fresh coats of paint, waxed floors and more cleaning staff.

Brandon Bryer believes MSU's largest challenge comes in the form of budgetary constraints from Frankfort and Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin's proposed budget.

Meal plans are on Bryer’s agenda for reformation.

“Aramark has not been as willing as SGA thought they should be when listening to the voices of the students," he said. "I want to work at voicing the concerns students have, such as the fact that the students must pay the same amount at The Rock when there is [sic] eight stations open as they do when there is only two or three stations open at night.”

“All of these initiatives are based on one commonality," Bryer said. "It is what the students want most. We are an organization run by students for students, and that is ultimately our mission to do just that."

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